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Version Date Description
0.9.5 2022-08-27 This release adds a Bitcoin (BSV) wallet with integration to Also a Yearly Balances report is added to show financial data rolled up to a annual perspective. Finally a help pane has been added to show help information.
0.8.5 2020-03-21 This release adds a re-design of the reporting code to make them easier to create and improve. Also a new report is added Account History - All Time which will show the entire history of an account.
0.8.0 2019-01-01 This release adds a new installer bundle for Windows and Linux.
0.7.9 2018-06-23 This release adds support for import of transactions in comma separated values format (CSV).
0.7.8 2018-03-17 This release adds color coding to the budget view, fixes tab order issues on multiple forms, and adds files to make it easer for eclipse users to load the source project.
0.7.7 2017-12-30 This release expands the storagesize for memos and also fixes a date parsing issue in OFX imports.
0.7.6 2017-12-29 This release fixes a typo in that caused the UI not to start properly. Also a unique index has been added to the transactions table to protect against duplicate transactions.
0.7.5 2017-10-14 This release decouples the user interface from the database allowing for for the Infinity PFM client to access data accross a home network and from multiple machines if desirable. The new configuration also allows database encryption.
0.7.1 2014-09-06 This release fixes a critcal bug that prevented new users on Ubuntu 14.04 and above to launch the application after first download. This release also adds a self extracting binary download for users of non Debian based distributions.
0.7.0 2014-08-24 The main feature added is the ability to link incoming transactions to accounts using a set of simple rules defined in the new Import Rules page
0.6.0 2012-12-06 This is the GA release for 0.6.0. This version adds better currency support. User defined currency rate updates has been added with a default example for Bitcoin. The default currency can be change along with the currency precision. Also added is the ability to do split transactions.
0.5.0 2012-03-03 This is the GA release for 0.5.0. This version adds a new report called Income VS Expense which shows a line chart of income compared with expenses. Also included is support for digital currency Bitcoin. Lastly this version changes language support to use gnu-gettext.
0.4.0 2010-12-17 This is the GA release for 0.4.0. This version brings tighter integration with Linux and specifically Linux distributions that use the Debian Package Management System. Also with the release the project moves to GPL V3 license.
0.3.5 2010-08-12 This release adds a new web interface. The desktop interface is not going away but rather the web version is useful for making InfinityPFM content available to all pc's, netbooks, etc. plugged into your home network. The web version currently has a subset of the capabilities available in the desktop interface..
0.3.0 2010-03-20
0.2.1 2010-02-18
0.2.0 2009-09-15
0.1.1 2006-03-11
0.1.0 2005-11-27
0.0.2 2005-10-07
0.0.1 2005-09-17

Release 0.9.5 - 2022-08-27

Type Changes By
fix New Bitcoin (BSV) Wallet added that integrates to mogray
fix New Yearly Balances report. mogray
fix Toggleable help pane added mogray
fix Build system updated and dependencies updated to current versions mogray
fix Register date range select start range bug fixed mogray
fix Java updated to Java 11 mogray
fix Log4J swapped out for LogBack logging library mogray

Release 0.8.5 - 2020-03-21

Type Changes By
fix New report re-design allowing easier report creation / upgrades. mogray
fix New report Account History - All Time. mogray
fix Fix Budget View: Color coding incorrect when switching between months . mogray
fix Color on pie chart labels changed to black to improve visibility. mogray

Release 0.8.0 - 2019-01-01

Type Changes By
fix Add Windows friendly installer mogray
fix Fix App Image not working on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. mogray
fix Fix Transaction Entry changing offset accounts causes app to crash. mogray
fix Fix Transaction Entry not working for liability to liability accounts. mogray

Release 0.7.9 - 2018-06-23

Type Changes By
fix Add support for import of transactions in comma separated values format (CSV) mogray

Release 0.7.8 - 2018-03-17

Type Changes By
fix Add color coding to the budget view. mogray
fix Fix tab order issues on multiple forms. mogray
fix Add files to make it easer for eclipse users to load the source project. mogray

Release 0.7.7 - 2017-12-30

Type Changes By
fix Expand storagesize for memos and also fixes a date parsing issue in OFX imports mogray

Release 0.7.6 - 2017-12-29

Type Changes By
fix Fix a typo in that caused the UI not to start properly. mogray
fix Unique index added to the transactions table to protect against duplicate transactions. mogray

Release 0.7.5 - 2017-10-14

Type Changes By
fix Edit account bug fixed. mogray
fix Invalid currency method MT. Gox removed. mogray
fix Can now run database and client on different machines. mogray
fix New option always show error console on start. mogray
fix New option to render reports in the default browser vs from within Infinitypfm. mogray
fix Updated Gnome icon set. mogray
fix Added BTC update methods. mogray
fix Release now deployed as an App Image. mogray
fix Database backup also compresses the backup into a tarball. mogray

Release 0.7.1 - 2014-09-06

Type Changes By
add Blueprint create-self-extracting-release-bin: Added self extracting bin download. mogray
fix lp:1362721 Application startup throws errors during database creation mogray

Release 0.7.0 - 2014-08-24

Type Changes By
add Installer for Debian Wheezy mogray
add Use bitcoin.conf for login to client when available mogray
add Add commit all button to pending transactions interface mogray
add Add account balance to register mogray
add Add income accounts to Account balance report mogray
add Add ability to asign rules for transaction upload mogray
fix lp:1121332 Bitcoin import not working with bitcoin client version 0.7.2 mogray
fix lp:1360836 Crash when running reports on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS mogray
fix lp:1087878 OFX import memo field blank for personal checks mogray

Release 0.6.0 RC2 - 2012-12-06

Type Changes By
add New Logo mogray
add Register is date restricted now mogray
add New Budget Performance chart on single category mogray
fix lp:692106 - Running budget performance report when no saved budgets are available will cause a crash mogray
add Can change default currency for application. mogray
add Currency view updated to allow user defined currency rates (blueprint: add-user-defined-currency-rates). mogray
fix lp:015356 view currencies from main menu takes you to recurring transactions mogray
add Split transaction support mogray
add Work on Spanish translation. Eduardo Alberto Calvo

Release 0.5.0 - 2012-03-03

Type Changes By
add Income VS Expense Report mogray
add Work on German Translation Georg Englemann
add Work on Turkish Translation Zeugma
fix lp:693692 - Budget performance leaving off liabilities included in budget. mogray
fix lp:941581 - Installer does not work in Ubuntu Oneiric. mogray
fix lp:941729 - Translations not working mogray
fix lp:636047 - Liability total missing from monthly balance report mogray
fix lp:825138 - Rate grab from Mt. Gox no longer working. mogray
fix lp:941531 - Total for Account History report not properly formatted mogray
add Multi-Currency Support (focus on BTC and USD) mogray
add Integration with Bitcoin json-rpc api ( mogray
add Language support added via GNU gettext mogray
fix lp:691943 - X-Axis sort on budget performance chart is wrong. mogray
fix lp:692106 - Crash on budget performance report. mogray
fix lp:693690 - Creating new budget prompts twice for budget name. mogray
fix lp:703333 - ver/under month budget value is wrong. mogray

Release 0.4.0 - 2010-12-17

Type Changes By
add Budget Performance Report mogray
add New Debian installer mogray
add New PPA on Launchpad started for automatic from Ubuntu's repositories: ppa:mogray5/ppa-infinitypfm mogray
add Application installed to the Office menu of Ubuntu's application menus. mogray
update Database moved to folder .infinitypfm in your home directory. mogray
add Ability to back up the database to a tarball mogray
update License for Infinity PFM changed to GPL v3 mogray
fix lp:630265 - Current displayed register view does not refresh after a transaction import. mogray
fix lp:635798 - Recurring transactions screen alignment issues mogray
add Project changed to use Debian package management system. mogray
fix lp:689298 - Canceling a report at the input dialog will still run the report mogray
fix lp:689299 - Canceling a adding a new budget throws null pointer exception mogray
add Can now run Monthly Balances report for any prior month. mogray

Release 0.3.5 - 2010-08-12

Type Changes By
add Web interface released. mogray
fix Over/Under budget value error fixed mogray
add Debits and credits broken out into separate columns. mogray
fix Startup script modified for Mac OSX distribution to address SWT startup issue. mogray

Release 0.3.0 - 2010-03-20

Type Changes By
add Recurring transactions feature added. mogray
add Reports can be saved, including table data and charts, to a self contained html file. mogray
add Accounts can be added/removed from budgets. mogray
add Binary distribution available for Mac. mogray
fix Fixed bug in import. Accounts with account id = zero were being skipped. mogray
update SWT updated to version 3.5.2 mogray

Release 0.2.1 - 2010-02-18

Type Changes By
add New Account History Report with bar chart. mogray
add Weekly Budget and Weekly Avg columns added to budget view. mogray
update SWT updated to version 3.5.1 mogray

Release 0.2.0 - 2009-09-15

Type Changes By
update Database is embedded now. mogray
add When setting up accounts you can now select from a list of defaults. mogray
add Account offset selections remembered between transaction imports. mogray
fix Right click menu on tree works for all nodes now. mogray
fix Toolbar button clean up unused buttons put to use or removed. mogray
update Reports redesigned with added charts. mogray
fix Incorrect monthly over/under on budget view fixed. mogray
add Icons added to tree. Budget category moved to top. mogray
update Date entry boxes now have a drop down date control. mogray

Release 0.1.1 - 2006-03-11

Type Changes By
add New report showing account balances for the prior month. mogray
add Button added to the budget view to allow you to save a budget to all months. mogray
update On Linux you do not have to execute two scripts anymore to load the application and the database now closes also when you exit. mogray

Release 0.1.0 - 2005-11-27

Type Changes By
add This release adds colored reports using the BIRT ( mogray

Release 0.0.2 - 2005-10-07

Type Changes By
add Added a liability account type. mogray
add Added total income, total liabilities, and total expenses to the budget view. mogray
update All amounts in app are formatted using #,###.##:(#,###.##) format. mogray
add Added upgrade procedures to automatically apply upgrades to database when a new version of Infinity PFM is loaded. mogray

Release 0.0.1 - 2005-09-17

Type Changes By
add First release of Infinity PFM. mogray