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PackageAuthorDescriptionForum LinkSource Link
mgame-adventuretestBrandonReeseAdventure game for minetest, based on minetest_game.ForumSource
mgame-aftermathmaikerumineNothing is as it seems. Can you survive a night?ForumSource
mgame-bigfreakingdigJordachGet as many ores as possible, while fighting mobs and creating tools from new materials.ForumSource
mgame-capturetheflagrubenwardyTwo teams battle to snatch and return the enemy's flag, before the enemy takes their own!ForumSource
mgame-carboneCalinouAn improved minetest_game. Focuses on optimization, game balance, fun and intuitiveness.ForumTODO
mgame-carbon-ngCalinou Carbone NG (for next generation) is an improved minetest_game.ForumSource
mgame-dwarvesMito551Did I ever tell you that you are invited to MadHatter's tea party?ForumSource
mgame-edenNeuromancerSurvival game that maximizes fun playability and realism without stressing your system too much.ForumTODO
mgame-extreme-survivalmaikerumineHardcore survival with instant gratification.ForumSource
mgame-hamlets-questHamletA survival, medieval themed game.ForumSource
mgame-hungrygamesSplizardMinetest game inspired by the Hunger Games.ForumSource
mgame-hungrygames-plusGunshipPenguinFork of Splizard's hungry_games with many improvements.ForumSource
mgame-legendofminetestD00MedSubgame based on several games from the LoZ series.ForumSource
mgame-lordoftheringsfishyWETThe One Game to Rule them All.ForumSource
mgame-minesimEchoes91Relaxed, realistic oriented approach. No aim for hardcore simulation or any other big changes to the standard gameplay.ForumSource
mgame-minetestnextBlockMenRevival of game Minetest NeXt.ForumSource
mgame-mintest-tutorialWuzzyThis is a basic tutorial for Minetest.ForumSource
mgame-ocdBas080Focusses obsessively on emergent gameplay.ForumSource
mgame-pixturekaadmyFeatures completely new graphics, and several new and unique mods.ForumSource
mgame-progressCProgrammerRUDescription needed.ForumSource
mgame-realtest-revampedDan DuncombeThis is a revamp of the old gamemode Realtest!ForumSource
mgame-regnum1248Regnum description not found.ForumSource
mgame-repixtureWuzzyRepixture is a simplistic sandbox survival game with an unique graphics style.ForumSource
mgame-rpgtestcd2Mixture out of survival, crafting, fighting, exploring and building.ForumSource
mgame-skytestHeroOfTheWindsMinetest game based off of floating islands.ForumSource
mgame-technicRealBadAngelTechnic Game for Minetest engine.ForumSource
mgame-tngLNJTNG should be a lightweight game with a good survival aspect.ForumSource
mgame-voxelgardenCasimirVoxelgarden (previously called Nodetest) is a subgame focused on a basic gameplay with more survival features.ForumSource
mgame-wastelandBlockMen A long time ago there where trees, grass and the ocean. But that is all gone.ForumSource
mmeta-ecosystemmogray5Collection of mods to add forest and sea life.ForumSource
mmod-3darmorStuart JonesAdds craftable armor that is visible to other players.ForumSource
mmod-advtrainsorwellThis mod adds good-looking, realistic trains to minetest.ForumSource
mmod-aliveaiAiTechEyeNPC AI mobs with advanced behaviorForumSource
mmod-ambienceNeuromancerThis mod adds ambient sounds that you would naturally hear in the setting you are in.ForumSource
mmod-angledstairsTumeniNodesAdds a new and unique style of stairs to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-areasShadowNinjaAreas is a advanced area protection mod based on node_ownership.ForumSource
mmod-armor-monoidsByakurenThis mod provides a player_monoids monoid for handling armor groups.ForumSource
mmod-artdecoTumeniNodesAdds some new blocks.ForumSource
mmod-asteroidparamatA realm of asteroids and comets.ForumSource
mmod-badplayermaikerumineAKE PvP players that attack you and will fight back if attacked.ForumSource
mmod-bedsBlockMenThis mod adds obviously beds to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-beesBas080What's that buzzing?ForumSource
mmod-better-hudBlockMenThis mod changes the HUD of Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-bewarethedarkBenThis mod changes darkness in a very direct fashion: you are damaged by darknessForumSource
mmod-biomelibVanessaEThe biome spawning and management library.ForumSource
mmod-boneBlockMenThis mod implements Bones to Minetest.ForumTODO
mmod-boost-cartKrockThis is a "lighter" version of the carts mod with some new things.ForumSource
mmod-bowsUjEdwinA very easy bow mod with arrows.ForumTODO
mmod-cannonsSemmett9, eythen, and addiCannons is a mod for the game minetest written by Kingarthurs TeamForumSource
mmod-carpet3dsrifqiThis mod add some carpet node.ForumSource
mmod-cartsPilzAdamThis mod adds minecarts to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-castles-plusplusphilipbenrThis is a mod all about creating castles and castle dungeons.ForumSource
mmod-catacombparamatCreeping dungeons.ForumSource
mmod-caverealmsHeroOfTheWindsThis mod, borrowing from the concepts of skylands, creates huge underground caverns.ForumSource
mmod-cftpvp-enginerubenwardyGood for any sort of game where players can join teams.ForumSource
mmod-chataliasesrubenwardyChat Aliases.ForumSource
mmod-chatplusrubenwardyThis mod allows the player to ignore other players on chat.ForumSource
mmod-chesttoolsSokomineShared chests with bag support.ForumSource
mmod-cmeBlockMenMOB-Engine and adds several creatures to the game.ForumSource
mmod-compassgpsKilarinThis mod creates a customizable compass with user settable bookmarks.ForumSource
mmod-craft-guidecornernoteShows crafts for all loaded mods.ForumSource
mmod-creaturesBlockMenThis mod adds 2 hostile and 1 friendly mob to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-creatures-mirceakitsuneMirceaKitsuneThe Creatures mod is mob framework forked from PilzAdam's SimpleMobs.ForumSource
mmod-cropssofarA set of farm crops meant to extend the default game.ForumSource
mmod-darkageMasterGollumCreate new buildings in a pre industrial landscape.ForumSource
mmod-dietrubenwardyThis mod adds a motive to make lots of different types of food.ForumSource
mmod-digilinesJeijaThe minetest counterpart for real-life digital bus systems.ForumSource
mmod-dirtmonsmaikerumineA slightly more aggressive dirt monster that fights with the bad player mod as well. RUN!!!ForumSource
mmod-dreambuilderVanessaEDreambuilder is my attempt to give the player pretty much everything they'll ever want to build with.ForumSource
mmod-emailrubenwardySend email like messages.ForumSource
mmod-esmobsmaikerumine76 various npc's, monsters, and animals that all play togetherForumSource
mmod-etherealChinchowThe ethereal mod adds many new biomes to the game.ForumSource
mmod-ethereal-ngTenPlus1Brings many new biomes to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-extractoryawinGet things out of a chest / furnace.ForumSource
mmod-fake-fireSemmett9Fake fire adds in a block that looks like fire, but does not have the risk of burning down your creations.ForumTODO
mmod-farming-plusPilzAdamThis mods extents the default farming.ForumSource
mmod-farmingredoTenPlus1Farming Redo is a simplified version of the built-in farming mod.ForumTODO
mmod-fencesBlockMenThis mod implements Fences like known from Minecraft.ForumTODO
mmod-fireworkscrazyginger72This is a fireworks mod, it adds real fireworks in 7 colours to the game!!ForumSource
mmod-fishingMossmanikinA modified version of wulfsdad's fishing modForumSource
mmod-fishing-mffMinetestforfunFishing mod by the MinetestForFun team.ForumSource
mmod-fishing-wulfsdadwulfsdadAdds fishing to the game.ForumTODO
mmod-flowerpotscd2This mod adds some flower pots to your world.ForumSource
mmod-foodrubenwardyThis is the main mod in the food mod collection.ForumSource
mmod-foodchainmogray5Modification to Mobs Redo to allow animal ecosystems to form.ForumSource
mmod-forceloadrubenwardyThis mod allows areas in the map to be keep loaded. Use the forceload:anchor block.ForumSource
mmod-forestGael de SaillyA mod for the game Minetest which adds numerous trees and completely change the default map generation.ForumSource
mmod-furniturepithyAdds chairs, stools, and tables.ForumSource
mmod-future-packOussamarerSurvive the threat of these bloodthirsty creatures.ForumSource
mmod-gemtoolsLionLADAdds new tools based off of default as well as adding new ores.ForumSource
mmod-goblinsFreeLikeGNUWell if we are going to have mines, we should really have the option of goblins to populate the caves.ForumSource
mmod-grassesMossmanikinReedmace, Small Juncus, Tall Grass, Jungle Grass, Hay, Pyprus and more.ForumSource
mmod-handle-schematicsSokomineWant to move a house from one place/world to another?ForumSource
mmod-hemppithyHemp plant for Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-homedecor-modpackVanessaEThis modpack is a nice, feature-filled home decor collection.ForumSource
mmod-hoppersjordan4ibanezClone of Minecraft hoppersForumSource
mmod-hovercraftstujones11A fun alternative mode of transport for Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-hudbarsWuzzyThis mod replaces the builtin health and breath indicators.ForumSource
mmod-hud-hungereveramzahThis is a fork of BlockMen's hud_hunger modpack with GunshipPenguin's sprint mod.ForumSource
mmod-hungerBlockMenHunger mechanics for Minetest; needs Better HUD.ForumSource
mmod-instabuildDan DuncombeThe base code for spawning the structures is from worldedit.ForumTODO
mmod-interactAmazThis mod provides another way of granting players interact, somewhat automatically.ForumSource
mmod-intersectingparamatTunnel and magma tunnel networks created from 3D noise.ForumSource
mmod-intllibkaezaThis mod is an attempt at providing internationalization support for mods.ForumSource
mmod-inventoryplusZeg9Allows additional formspec buttons to be added to the player inventory screen.ForumSource
mmod-irckaezaCommunication between in-game chat, and an IRC channelForumSource
mmod-jkmodJKMurrayJKMod adds farming to Minetest including animals.ForumSource
mmod-katanasTheFifthJudgeThis mod adds (five) basic katana weapons.ForumSource
mmod-landrushBrandonReeseThis is a fork of' landclaim mod.ForumSource
mmod-lavalampthefamilygrog66Colored Lava Lamps, loosely based on Tonyka's wall torches from the 3dforniture/homedecor mod.ForumSource
mmod-liftsportalsAdds an simply elevator that can move the player.ForumSource
mmod-lightningsofarHave a scare with lightning!ForumSource
mmod-lightsaddiThis mod adds a few coloured lights (blue, red, yellow, green), a lamp, Searchlight, and a Spotlight.ForumSource
mmod-lrfurnthefamilygrog66Colored Long Sofas (3 blocks wide), Sofas (2 blocks wide), Armchairs, Coffee Tables and End Tables.ForumSource
mmod-lucky-blockTenPlus1This mod adds a new and exciting block to the game.ForumSource
mmod-magicbeans-wWuzzySpawns four different types of magic beans giving player powersForumSource
mmod-maptoolsCalinouAdds tools useful for creating custom maps or preventing griefingForumSource
mmod-markersSokomineGui for areas mod.ForumSource
mmod-medicineAndrey01Adds medical objects, syringes, plasters, medical blocks, and more.ForumSource
mmod-meseconsJeijaIt adds wire and multiple receptors and effectors, such as switches, solar panels, water turbinesForumSource
mmod-mese-crystalsRealBadAngelThis mods adds crystal formations of mese.ForumSource
mmod-meshnodesstuPoor man's voxel area entities.ForumSource
mmod-mgvillagesSokomineThis is a continuation of my (Sokomines) fork of Nores mg mapgenForumSource
mmod-microcarparamat4 styles of microcar: skycar, nyancart, mesecar and oerkka.ForumSource
mmod-mineitallechosaAttempt at bringing the functionality of the Minecraft mod veinminer to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-mobs-animalsTenPlus1Animals modpack for mobs redo.ForumSource
mmod-mobs-monstorsTenPlus1Monstors modpack for mobs redo.ForumSource
mmod-mobs-npcTenPlus1NPC modpack for mobs redo.ForumSource
mmod-mobs-redoTenPlus1Re-write of Pilzadam's simple mobs.ForumSource
mmod-mod-weatherJeijaAt the moment it contains rain and snow.ForumSource
mmod-moonrealmparamatMoon Biome.ForumSource
mmod-moreblocksCalinouThis mod adds a lot of new blocks, most of them don't have a use other than decoration.ForumSource
mmod-more-chestsTheFifthJudgeThis mod will add the following chests:DropBox Chest, Shared Chest, Wifi Chest, Secret Chest, and Cobble Chest.ForumSource
mmod-more-fireNathan.SThis mod adds campfires, 3d torches, flint, a lighter, oil lanterns and lantern oil, a smoke bomb and molotov cocktail.ForumSource
mmod-moremeseconsPaligeThis mod adds some Mesecons items, like adjustable blinky plant, wireless and more.ForumSource
mmod-moreoresCalinouThis mod adds copper, tin, silver and gold in Minetest.ForumTODO
mmod-morerainbowspithyMore rainbow shapes and rainbow brick.ForumSource
mmod-moretreesVanessaEThis mod adds many new types of trees to the game.ForumSource
mmod-mountmeruparamatMeru mod is a vertical 1 dimensional realm.ForumSource
mmod-mt-firearmskaezaThis mod provides several firearms to be used on PvP servers.ForumSource
mmod-mushroomsHybrid DogThis mod adds mushrooms of various sizes to minetest.ForumSource
mmod-mychiselDonLets you chisel grooves in default blocks.ForumSource
mmod-mycornersDonThis mod adds corners to blocks.ForumSource
mmod-myitemchestDonMod that spawns items when it is openedForumSource
mmod-mylandscapingNathan.SThis mod adds brick walls, brick columns, patio blocks, and two machines to craft them.ForumSource
mmod-mypaintDonMod that allows you to paint different nodes.ForumSource
mmod-netherPilzAdamThis mod adds a nether to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-no-drowningPilzAdam this mod disables drowning for the default liquids.ForumTODO
mmod-no-guestskaezaAll this mod does is simply disconnect all Guest accounts.ForumTODO
mmod-npcfstuThis is a fork of' landclaim mod.ForumSource
mmod-nssmobsnpxThere are 15 new mobs, 14 of them are aggressive and one is pacific.ForumTODO
mmod-obsidian-swordsDragonopThis mod adds three new weapons that make use of the full_punch_interval (cooldown) feature.ForumSource
mmod-orienteeringWuzzyThis mod adds several tools which mostly aid in orientation.ForumSource
mmod-pathv6altparamatCreates a worldwide network of paths, bridges and occasional tunnels.ForumSource
mmod-peaceful-npcjojoa1997This mod adds npcs.ForumSource
mmod-pedologyWuzzyA Minetest mod which adds several ground blocks and the concept of wetness.ForumSource
mmod-pieTenPlus1Tasty Pie mod gives you 7 new cakes to craft.ForumSource
mmod-pipeworksVanessaEThis mod uses nodeboxes to supply a complete set of nicely-rounded 3D flanged pipesForumSource
mmod-planetoidsqwertymine3Planetoids map generator for minetest.ForumSource
mmod-plantlifeVanessaEAdd various kinds of foliage to the world.ForumSource
mmod-playeranimRuiMakes the head, and the right arm when you’re mining, face the way you’re facing.ForumSource
mmod-playereffectsWuzzyA framework for assigning temporary status effects to players.ForumSource
mmod-player-monoidsByakurenLibrary for managing global player state.ForumSource
mmod-player-texturesPilzAdamThis mod allows each player to use their own textures.ForumSource
mmod-playmusSirmentioStart or stop special music within the mod's /music directoryForumTODO
mmod-pollutionUjEdwinAdds toxic, nitrogen, and sinkholes to minetest.ForumTODO
mmod-princesspithyPrincess themed decoration mod.ForumSource
mmod-protectorTenPlus1Mod to use Minetest 0.4.9's is_protected function so that nothing can slip by this protection mod.ForumSource
mmod-pyramidsBlockMenThis mod adds pyramids to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-rainboworeKingSmartyThis mod features a new ore called Rainbow OreForumSource
mmod-realchessjpA mod for Minetest to play a life-like chess game.ForumSource
mmod-reportrubenwardyAllows players to report things to admins.ForumSource
mmod-riverdevparamatThis mod is the watershed terrain generator modified for generative path experiments.ForumSource
mmod-ropesFaceDeerThis mod is a fork of Vines by Bas080 but has undergone extensive rewriting.ForumSource
mmod-seaTopywoAdd sea life to minetest.ForumSource
mmod-sedimentologysofarA minetest mod that simulates erosion and sedimentationForumSource
mmod-serveressentialsGunshipPenguinThis mod adds a variety of useful commands and features for use by Minetest server administrators.ForumSource
mmod-shieldsStuart JonesAdds shields to the visible player armor.ForumSource
mmod-shooterstuAn experimental first person shooter mod using simple vector mathematics.ForumSource
mmod-signsPilzAdamReworked the signs mod from xyz.ForumSource
mmod-simplearcsPEAKArcs - for all default stone and plank nodes.ForumTODO
mmod-simplemobsPilzAdamA simple and (hopefully) lightweight mod that adds currently 5 hostile mobs.ForumSource
mmod-simpleskinsTenPlus1Simple Skins is a mod that's so easy to use you'll wonder why it hasn't been done before.ForumSource
mmod-simplyslopesDelaroyasAdds 5 new block types to minetest. Slopes and slope corners.ForumSource
mmod-skyblockcornernoteSkyblock for Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-smartshopUjEdwinThis is a smart and easy shop, that also will fit everywhere.ForumTODO
mmod-snowSplizardThis mod adds snow biomes to minetest.ForumSource
mmod-snowdriftparamatSnowfall, rainfall, settling snow.ForumSource
mmod-snow-ljLazyJFork of Splizard's snow ModForumSource
mmod-soccerkaezaPlay soccer on Minetest!ForumSource
mmod-spearsEchoes91This mod adds spears to Minetest games.ForumSource
mmod-spectatorjpFollow other players in 3rd person viewForumSource
mmod-spidermobMinetestforfunExtracted spider mob from the LordofTheTested subgameForumSource
mmod-streetswebdesigner97Build realistic and good-looking streets, roads and highways.ForumSource
mmod-streets-ljLazyJThis version of 'Streets' is based off of one of webdesigner97'sForumSource
mmod-sweetfoodsrubenwardyThis mod added numerous cakes and sweet foods to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-teleport-potionTenPlus1Teleport Potion you have to craft using a Glass Bottle and Diamond Block.ForumSource
mmod-throwingPilzAdamImprovement to throwing mod by Jeija.ForumSource
mmod-tinytreesbas080Bigger trees but smaller than moretrees trees.ForumSource
mmod-tntPilzAdamThis mod adds TNT to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-toolrankslisacvukWhat this does is add levels to tools depending on number of nodes you've dug with that tool.ForumSource
mmod-torchesBlockMenThis mod adds 3D torches to Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-tradersSokomineWant to trade?.ForumSource
mmod-trashcanEvergreenThis mod adds a trash can to the game.ForumSource
mmod-travelnetSokomineBiomes for mapgen v7 stone.ForumSource
mmod-treasurerWuzzyNew way to define and distribute random treasures into the world.ForumTODO
mmod-ufosZeg9This little mod adds UFOs to minetest.ForumSource
mmod-underskySharaPrevent the regular skybox (and sun) showing through the walls of large caves which have not fully loaded.ForumSource
mmod-unifieddyesVanessaEThis mod has become more of an extension of the default mod.ForumSource
mmod-unlockpithyUnlock locked chests and steel doors for all playersForumSource
mmod-vector-extrasHybrid DogThis mod adds more vector functions to minetest.ForumSource
mmod-viaductpithyConnected bridges for Minetest. Multiple woods, rope bridges, and stairs included.ForumSource
mmod-vinesbas080Fell in a cave? Let your teammate throw you a rope. Working on a high altitude project?ForumSource
mmod-vortojCasimirA Mod that translates the item description into the language defined in the settings.ForumSource
mmod-voterubenwardyAn API to allow players to vote on things.ForumSource
mmod-walking-lightEchoHold a torch in your hand and light up the night and cave!ForumTODO
mmod-watershedparamatA use of 3D noise that creates long winding river valleys.ForumSource
mmod-wield3dstuVisible 3d wielded items for Minetest.ForumSource
mmod-wieldviewStuart Jones Makes hand wielded items visible to other players.ForumSource
mmod-windmillSokomineWant to have a windmill in Minetest?ForumSource
mmod-workersLocaL_ALchemisTNodes which move on its own, and ready to serve you.ForumTODO
mmod-worldeditsfan5WorldEdit is an in-game world editor. Use it to repair griefing, or just create awesome buildings in seconds.ForumSource
mmod-xbankaezaThis is an enhanced admin tool that allows admins to either permanently or temporarily ban players.ForumSource
mmod-xdecorkilbithMinimal decoration mod meant to be light and simple.ForumSource
mmod-xpanesxyzJust glass panes that (try to) mimic Minecraft's glass panes.ForumTODO
mmod-xtraoresdavidthecreatorThis mod adds 9 ores to the game.ForumTODO